I really enjoy flowers.  Picking them out, watching them grow, arranging them, gifting them.  But I do have a second love - something that resonates with my soul pretty closely to flowers and that is my home.  

I get teased a lot about how much time and effort I put into my home.  I guess when you come out of years of transition, the value of having some place to call home - a place as soon as you open the doors you can let out a sigh of relief and peace - is just so meaningful, almost hard to put into words.

We lived downtown Atlanta for several years and when we were ready to purchase we couldn't afford to buy inside Atlanta so off to the suburbs we went.  We lived in a pretty known suburb, on a pretty busy street.  We renovated a bungalow and after 6 months of owning it - decided the suburbs were not for us.  We decided to put our house on the market just to see what would happen, if it sold great, if not no big deal - we would try later.  Within a couple weeks we had multiple offers and sold our house!  It was incredibly fast but God was blessing us so much!  We bought another house, inside Atlanta, right down the road from some of our dearest friends.  Not our dream home but it did have a killllllller back deck and yard!  Fast forward after living at my dads, friends, etc, ordering our kitchen appliances not knowing they were on back order for several months - it was such a trying period for me.  I don't know about you but not having a kitchen for months, not being able to prepare my own meals, was so tough and hard on my body. 

Now almost 2 years later I love our home.  It's small, which I am a huge fan of.  It's in the most wonderful neighborhood.  We get to live right by our community of people.  I have the sweetest garden in the front.  

Our home buying phase was crazy but it taught us lots.  I love interior design.  I would say for me one of hardest things is designing a home that isn't your dream home in your mind.  Ideally I would want light wood everything, very minimal, our whole home being maybe 800 sq ft. Concrete tub, concrete sink.  Wood burning stove.  I want the exterior to be cedar and painted black.  More modern landscape in front with a huuuuuge cutting garden in the back.  I would want another house similar in size to ours adjacent to the main house to serve as a guest home, for family or friends visiting and finally I would love a studio - same idea with it being the same size (maybe a teeny bit smaller) to be across from our guest home.

While that's a dream, reality is I live in a 40's bungalow.  It's small so I have that going for me!  And I'm so thankful.  I have a husband who is so caring and loving and works so hard to provide a peaceful home for us.  Really blessed with a home and all it entails. Thank you for taking time to read more about our home buying process and my second love.

Above are just a couple images of inspiration of mine all found via Pinterest

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